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Welcome to the stock and musings of Replay Acoustics.  You will find possibly the best stock of vintage Gibsons and Martins in the country within these pages.....happy hunting !!
    The leaves are turning and the smell of Fall is in the air. Our fireplace is lit and the wood is stacked so bring on winter and those quiet nights with your favorite guitar.
    We have had the priviledge to buy some very important guitars that are just in stock:  A 1940 C.F. Martin 00-21 has just flown in the door along with a 1942 Gibson Banner Southern Jumbo, which are now in stock along with a very important 1969 C.F. Martin Brazilian D-41; one of only 31 made in Brazilian rosewood and from the same early batches that produced the Stills, Crosby and Young D-45's.  There were 229 D-45's built in '68-'69 but only this mere 49 of the D-41.....a very rare and desirable guitar for any C,S,N &Y fan.  We also have a 1943-ish Gibson Banner LG-2 in the wind and we have just stocked a sweet 1932 Gibson L-00 in black with a white pickguard and 12 frets....rare thing.  And, the Gibson Roy Smeck is back from conversion and what a treat that is to finally play.  Working like beavers,we are.

 In stock and hanging we have some other fine and rare offerings.   One is an extremely rare and desirable 1932 C.F. Martin OM-18 from a private collection.  Also......a 1938 Gibson Brazilian Advanced Jumbo.  We have also recently stocked a few Martin rarities:  a scarce 1969 Martin D-21 and an extremely rare 1951 Martin Brazilian 000-21....sweet, sweet, sweet in all original condition.  What rare and very special guitars these are. Our 1933 C.F. Martin OM conversion is here at last.  There are also a c1943 Gibson Banner J-45, a 1948 J-45  and a 1947 Martin D-28.  And not least for being last, 2 extremely rare Zemaitis acoustics from the original owner.  A beautiful 12 string and a Brazilian 6 string, both in almost unplayed condition. 
     As a new product to us that we have fallen head over heals for, we are encouraging interest in  Elliott Capos.  Custom stainless steel handmade capos from a tiny Mom and Pop operation in America that are as sleek as a racehorse...beautifully crafted push button mechanisms and supple lines.  Keep an eye for them.....not cheap (actually bloody expensive) but you get every bit of what you pay for with Elliott Capos.
    We have also just stocked a line of strings that I am highly satisfied with:  Newtone Strings, hand made in England by a small operation in Heanor, Derbyshire.  Really nice quality and in sizes and styles that you won't find elsewhere.  They even make an acoustic nickel wound, which I have only found as case candy when a guitar comes in with it's old bits onboard.  They are also making a great, low tension string that has the suppleness of an electric string but the tonal quality of an acoustic.  Great stuff !! We have a sample in the gallery to have a go with.
     To quote the book: "Gibson's Fabulous Flattop Guitars", "C.F. Martin's are the Mercedes of the guitar world !"  From build quality and sound refinement to tonewoods, innovation and industry leadership, Martins are the finest and most consistent mass produced guitars in the world. Beautiful quality and exceptional tone dominate the brand.   And the Gibson's ???  "Gibson's are the Fords and the Chevys !" Being an American, I know what that means...the heart and the soul....the workingmans music and some of the warmest, most tactile guitars on the planet. Vintage Gibson guitars are....well, how do I put it?.......like a favoured pair of old jeans or cowboy boots !! Thuddy, quirky, soft and incredibly beautiful with their painted sunset tones on old spruce planks !! By no means second best.....just different in a very vintage acoustic sort of way !!   

     So our concept behind Replay Acoustics, which is a web based business located near Sevenoaks in Kent, is to be a consistent and prominent source of good quality vintage and used Martin and Gibson guitars. We carry one of the largest selections of vintage Gibson and Martin acoustic guitars in the country. 

     Since acoustic guitars are constructed of wood, a moving, breathing organic material, they have a character and a feel that is unique to each instrument. The wood breathes throughout it's existence, influencing tonal quality, sustain, projection and condition.

     Although Replay Acoustics handles predominately vintage and used Gibson and Martin guitars with little or no restoration, a deep understanding of woods and their properties creates a level of appreciation for and understanding of the typical problems associated with acoustic instruments as well as the sometime need for impeccable restoration particularly in rare or fabulous sounding instruments. We prefer instruments that have been played a lot.....they have character and have matured and opened up over time, taking on a richer, mellower tone. After all, it is all about sound and playability for the player of good vintage acoustic guitars and Replay Acoustics strives to provide just that. Instruments with great tone and excellent playability.

We will endeavour not to comment unless asked about the sound or tone of our instruments as this tends to be a personal perception. Everyone hears differently and sound is very subjective, so we have decided not to try and describe it to you. We will however mention sustain, balance, projection and ease of play along with condition. Replay Acoustics will provide every buyer with a receipt documenting what we know about each guitar we sell. Any repairs or restoration that we are aware of or have had done will be duly noted.  All of our guitars will come needing little or nothing to be playable for the foreseeable future.

     If needed, we recommend restoration and repair services thru Graham Parker, one of the finest luthiers in England. (he does Steve Earles guitars) or Andy Crockett, equally adept at the dark arts. Locally, we also use Tom's Guitars in Seal, Kent for set ups and quick repairs. We will expedite repairs on your own guitars as a matter of courtesy and free service and/or put you in touch with them. We will take no fee for this.

     We are also interested in purchasing or consigning quality acoustic and archtop guitars especially Martin and Gibson guitars as well as bespoke luthier built instruments like Santa Cruz, Froggy Bottom, Collings, etc,  so if you have something to sell, please send us an email and we will reply as quickly as possible.

But at the end of the day, Replay Acoustics is about bringing together quality vintage guitars and guitar players of all levels. We hope you will find our collection interesting and above average.  And remember:  If you don't know where you're goin, any road will get you there !!

Keep pluckin'

Tony Werneke proprietor
 Replay Acoustics
 The alternative in Rare and Vintage Acoustic Guitars !!


Graham Parker - Luthier
At Replay Acoustics we are proud to be associated with people as passionate about their art as we are. Finding a skilled luthier can be a tough job so we are delighted to promote Graham Parker, a highly respected luthier and long time member of the Institute of Musical Instrument Technology.
To view his website click here.