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2014 C F Martin CS 00S 14

Product Code: RHC-001

2014 C.F. Martin Custom Shop 00S-14 (sold)

  This very guitar was featured at NAMM in 2014 and sold for $8000.  It went to one of my favorite people who has given it to me to find the next owner. What we have here is a premium grade 00-42 12 fretted slothead guitar made of rare Honduras rosewood rims and back and a torrified Swiss spruce top.  The neck is fitted with a carbon fibre non adjustable rod and the body is fitted with Fishman Aura VT electronics as spec. Only 114 of this model were ever built, all of which have obviously sold out.
   That's a  para-phrase of Martin's blurb.  From my perspective, it's a great, very comfortable 00 sized guitar with a lovely mature voice,  great balance and sustain and a very very voluminous content.  Also it's extremely responsive and snappy.......a real driving presence.  Scalloped bracing and small maple bridge plate don't hurt that any and the neck profile is very tactile. It really lacks for nothing in any department and for a guitar as young as this, it has an extremely promising future as it settles into itself.  Lovely visuals and a Custom Shop case round out the package.