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1951 Epiphone Frontier

1951 Epiphone FT-110 Frontier

 This is a very rare guitar indeed.  At the time that Epiphone was still owned by itself and was making guitars in New York City, the Frontier was the cousin to the FT-79 which would become the Texan after Gibson bought the company.

The Frontier has a shallower body depth, more like a 000 but in a jumbo shape with laminated maple rims and back and a solid spruce top.  Laminated cherry neck with a maple center strip and hardwood headstock overlay with the pearl script Epiphone logo.  This model at this time is very rare to find and represents a cool moment in guitar history.  Completely old school with a full sustain and crisp presentation, it makes a classic acoustic sound that is very powerful and crisp. It really blows your hair off and yet would record like Dylan's first album or Hendrix's last........naked and sophisticated but very poignant and relevant.  There are days when this is what I want to play......simple, clear, powerful and very impressive.  




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