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1928 Gibson L 3

1928 Gibson L-3 Archtop

Sweet guitar !!  In basically unplayed condition, this L-3 is a real surprise considering condition and sound.  Firstly the condition is first rate with no repairs or playwear.  Finish is bright as new and it comes in it's original hard shell arched brown felt lined case.  Sonically, it beguiles me.  I've had a lot of archtops over the years and this example emits a quality of sound that is clear, bright and has volume.  Dry and thumpy at the same time, it's wonderful obviously for jazz and blues but it's also a great folk guitar to accompany ones performances, whether on stage or in the the loo !!!  Lovely, lovely and lovely.  It's a space in time that is completely relevant Dylan's early stuff on this and you''l know just what I mean.


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