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1931 Gibson L 00

1931-1932 Gibson L-00

Rarest of the very rare !  First year 12 fret L-00.  In immaculate condition.  Historically from Matt Umanov, this very early cigar box of a guitar is among the top 10 rarest guitars that I've owned.  A bit mysitcal, this 12 fret model was only built for a year or so at which time the L-00 became a 14 fret model and a very different instrument.  This example is built like a cigar box.  It weighs nothing and the top is almost non-existent yet it has survived crack free and in exceptional condition.  The great majority of these have fallen into disrepair simply because of their light build so one can understand the degree of rarity and the value of the opportunity we see here in this guitar. Solid mahogany rims and back with an Adi spruce top and it's original black finish untouched, clear and clean silkscreen "The Gibson" logo, original bridge and original tuners and bridge pins.  It can't get more original.  And the sound?  A bit like a bell chamber.  It's loud and yet tender, articulate and yet possesses a great presence.  It vibrates like a drum and has a beautifully balanced voice that would beguile the angels.  You won't find another in this condition.   


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