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1933 Gibson L-75

1933 Gibson L-75  (sold)

Rare doesn't always translate to valuable. It can sometimes mean that an item wasn't successful.  But when you look at this wonderful, early 30's depression era L-75 you visually know you are half way home.  What a gorgeous guitar. All surfaces are burst finished, the most expensive time consuming finish that Gibson did. Even the neck is burst.  And what a colour!!  I've always said that Gibson knew how to paint planks and this is to me, the epitome of the finishers art.  It really grabs you deep.

Below all of this rich palette, is a guitar that almost everyone hasn't ever seen let alone played.  The Gibson L-75 in this configuration was only made for one year.  It has a feature we almost never find in archtop guitars;  a mahogany body.  Along with that, we have a round soundhole in the solid Adirondack spruce top instead of F holes, we have a flat back and a 14 fret fingerboard. Bound neck with double bound body, brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge and pearl inlaid logo and notched diamond motifs on the headstock......long tapered fan bracing and a 16" bottom bout.  Oh, and the fauz tortoise elevated pickguard with nickel plated hardware. This guitar was meant to be expensive and it sounds it as well.  Very, very dry but with a sustain that bewilders and a sense of harmonics that few have.  It makes me always feel like playing what I call "dust bowl" music........lots of early Dylan comes to life and beyond with this old girl.  Super clear and super sweet, it projects with power and and sounds very sophisticated. To record with it would be to reach near nirvana. To play it takes you to Nebraska, 1933, with that dust blowin' and the corn all dried and shriveled up in the field.

Pics to come.