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1935 Gibson Roy Smeck

Product Code: 0889

1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe (sold)

13 of these are owned by Jackson Browne.  It's almost enough to say.  The 12 fret Smeck Jumbo......all converted from Hawaiian at some time, this example is an absolute belter.  It will change the way you listen to guitars and will ruin your mahogany guitar collection.  Super fat with an incredible sustain and huge sound, the solid mahogany rims and back support the excrutiatingly beautiful sunset burst spruce top to create a guitar that excells in everything.  Based on the 30's Jumbo, but with 12 frets instead of 14, the tactile feel and sound surround characteristics of this instrument are exemplary.  Fat mahogany neck with rosewood board and bridge and a stunning firestripe pickguard......all original other than for the conversion and in exceptional almost unplayed condition.  and from the 30's !!!