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1936 Gibson Roy Smeck

c1936 Gibson Roy Smeck

   I owned this Smeck a number of years ago and it's great to see it come back thru the inventory. The old gal is all original and has been very sympathetically converted from lap to Spanish style. The FON is there and mostly legible but I can't quite make it out so '36 is as late as this can be and it might be a few years earlier.  A distinction without a difference.
  It has a gorgeous burst and is as light as a feather.  Probably the lightest that I've a cigar box.  But goodness what sound it creates.  As always, take a 12 fret arrangement and put it on a dreadnought body with uber thin tonewoods that are almost ancient and you get an example of how excellent these guitars can be.  After all, Jackson Browne owns something like 13 of them......not that I emulate that philosophy but it must mean something about how great they are.  


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