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1939 Gibson J 35

1939 Gibson J-35

    "My J-35 is one of my all time favorite guitars. When I want a big, warm, sweet tone I reach for my J-35"  -Norman Blake.  Well, no better authority to commend this rare and exceptional guitar from Gibson.  Designed as the Gibson answer to the Martin D-18, it was produced from '36 to late '42.  A solid mahogany guitar with Brazilian rosewood board and bridge and an Adirondack spruce top with mahogany neck. This particular example has a "3 tone bar" arrangement (as are all of the first 3 years of production), modified V-neck and is crack free.  Sensitively replaced tuners is all that has been done and it plays beautifully.  Big, crisp and powerful this guitar has a womping bottom end and very powerful trebles. Ultimately replacing the Jumbo 35, it has become a rare guitar to find in any condition.  With only 2,477 made in the 5 years they were produced, they become scarcer by the year. Silkscreen headstock logo as found on the L-00 and the Roy Smeck, both contemporary models of this J-35.  Superb firestripe pickguard and a beautiful, open sunburst finish. 

     Played by the likes of Doc Watson, Slim Smith, Roy Acuff, Blind Alfred Reed and the Carter family members, it is one of the premier Gibson models made in the depression era to while away the blues and dream of better days.