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1943 Gibson Banner headstock J 45

Product Code: RSPC-003

1943 Gibson Banner Headstock J-45

    This is a mahogany topped example of the Banner headstock J-45.  Many times we find these war period guitars from Gibson with no FON number whatsoever, and this is one of them.  In phenomenal condition, is it all original and has a presence that is extremely captivating.  These "all mahogany" guitars are actually in more abundance than the spruce topped ones by my experience and provide the player with a unique sound experience.  Woody yet crisp and dry with a very immediate attack with a quicker die back they are defined and clear.  They record really well a they overtones and backtones are more restrained which at  many times can be a good thing.  This guitar has all the classic hallmarks of it's model with tapered headstock, simple bindings and soundhole ring.  


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