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1946 Gibson Script J 45

1946 Gibson Script Logo J-45

I've had the wonderful priviledge of buying back this amazing Script Logo J-45.  I forgot how it blows your hair off......such an amazing guitar !!  Hog top which is it's secret and in exceptional condition.  The mahogany top creates a very powerful box and eliminates the slightly dark aspect we find in spruce topped J-45's.  Now that's not a negative statement, just a different one and if you want a powerful and crystal clear monster J-45.....than you want a hog topped example.  One year out of the Banner era and all elements are unchanged from 1945.  Tapered headstock, whisper thin bracing, Gibson's famous burst finish and a near baseball bat neck all conspire to make this the ultimate J-45.  It was good enough to Uncle Bob !!!!