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1964 Gibson J 200

1964 Gibson J-200 Natural

Old Mr. Bendy !!  I just love this guitar.  It's certainly been in the hands of a performing artist for a very long time.  To get the kind of benigh wear on a guitar with this character at home, your partner would kick you out of the house or the neighbor's would have issued a restraining order !!!  But it's wonderful in all that it is.  Called Mr. Bendy because the top between the soundhole and the bridge headed south at one point in it's life but stopped where it is........the bridge at the right attitude and the top with only the classic arch to the bottom bouts behind the bridge.  It's successfully defying gravity no doubt.......and still crack free over the entire guitar and........ it plays easier than any J-200 I've had.  I've known this guitar for at least 8 years and it's never twitched relative to it's set up.  

All origiinal from every perspective, it has that classic slightly boxy and thumpy "200" sound but it's also bright without being steely and quite powerful.....not the traditional "whispering Giant" here.   A very good neck feel at the nut as well......not too small, not too large....  VERY responsive and just a delight to play.  I've always loved the J-200 and this one delights me from all perspectives.


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