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1975 Guild F 50 Navarre

Product Code: 1003

1975 Guild F-50 Navarre

   This model seldomnly comes on the market so when it does, I try to buy it.  This is the first year of ebony board and bridge for the F-50.  Traditionally made from an arched laminate back with maple sides and a maple laminate neck and sitka spruce top, it has always been competition for the Gibson J-200.  Laminated elements were always a tradition at Guild and they used it to its best advantage.  No back bracing allows the laminated back to vibrate in ways that accentuate the volume of sound this machine produces.......and it's loud.  Very clear and crisp, it is a delight to play and would be the perfect stage instrument.  Chunky neck radius helps to bring sound forward but it's imminently base ball bat here.  Guilds build quality abounds and if you have ever wanted a jumbo, this is a complete bargain.


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