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1926 CF Martin 00 21

Product Code: JCC-001

1926 C.F. Martin 00-21

   This the last year of gut string bracing and what a lovely, subtle instrument.  Solid Brazilian rosewood rims and back with an Adirondack spruce top, ebony board and bridge and slot head with 12 fret.  All the magical elements that make these Golden Era guitars so valid..............even with gut or nylon strings.
    This guitar has had a life and was recently refurbished by Dave King, giving it a perfect refinish which replaces a horrible one along with the repairs and set up it wanted.  A few splines to the top but otherwise it's structurally in original condition.  Snowflake inlaid fingerboard with herriingbone soundhole purfling and back strip.  Sweet, fat voice which makes you listen to it very differently than a steel strung guitar......something that is really magical.  


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