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1940 CF Martin D-28

Product Code: 0936

1940 C.F. Martin Herringbone D-28  (sold)

One of only 134 Martin D-28's made in 1940, this exceptional herringbone dreadnought is a really superb example of the model and year.  The brick red Brazilian rosewood back and rims are perfectly quarter sawn as one would expect from a guitar from this era and it is crack free.  The Red Spruce Adirondack top has superb well defined graining and is also crack free. 

The voice is very complex and colorful in all it's ranges and is extremely powerful with penetrating volume, a characteristic found in the high quality stiff Adirondack spruce tops that have these bold grain lines.  The neck has the pre-war steel T-bar neck rod and the smaller, more comfortable neck profile found from '38 to about '41.  During that time, as Martin's recently developed 14 fret dreadnought models were refined and made with a more consistently powerful and colorful voice, they hit a balance point that made the guitars attributes function as a whole, becoming the finest dreadnought that Martin has ever produced. This guitar epitomozes these characteristics with mature, very complex and sophisticated harmonics and colorful backtones with a superbly clear tone with great power.

The guitar is in excellent condition.  It has a superbly applied light but ancient overspray that is difficult to discern and that hasn't ruined the integrity of the fabulous colour of this guitar nor the finish sink that we all love to see..  The red brick brazilian is deep and lusciously coloured and the top has typical light carmel patination which we tend to find in old Adirondack spruce.  It seems to seldomnly color deeply, leaving it with a blonde, pecan coloured hue.  The pickguard is original and the tuners are early and proper open back Klusons with cut edges, appropriate for this year and model. The bridge, which was a 60's drop saddle model when we purchased the guitar, has been perfectly restored by Dave King in a manner that one wouldn't know. The bridge lies flat with no rotation as it should be with the built in shallow arch to the bottom bout. The body of the guitar is in exceptional condition being crack free and completely unmolested inside and out sans a bridgeplate replacement. These repairs are very typical for a 40's D-28 and if one looks on the website "Old Herringbones", you will see many examples from this era that have had much more work done to their finishes with bridges/bridgeplates either worked on or replaced.  Maintenance on an early guitar like this is all a bit like changing the tires on your car.......high standard master quality maintenance for high value instruments of importance.

Overall, this is a great opportunity to own an important and exceptional guitar from the golden era of the pre-war Martin Herringbone.  "Bones" are legendary and for good reason.................this guitar supports that reputation with grace and beauty.