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1941 C F Martin 0 18

1941 C.F. Martin 0-18

An exceptional pre-war Martin, mint and mint.  Adirondack top with solid mahogany rims and back.  The board and bridge are brazilian rosewood and the tuners are open back and most likely Klusons.  In a condition that can only be admired.  All original, no cracks or repairs and with a voice to calm the angels or wake the devil. Also included is it's original GEIB soft shell case.

  These small boxes always amaze players when they pick them up, and this is without a doubt the finest example I have ever owned of a 0-18........from both a condition perspective as well as a sound perspective. It is sonorous and sweet as we expect these pre-war Martins to be.  Harmonics in bags with a lovely sustain and yet crisp and powerful.  One would think you had a 000 to hand.  Pre-war Martins..............I don't have to see them to buy them.  That is how consistent they are and how reliably beautiful they are.


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