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1944 C F Martin 000 28 Bone

Product Code: ASWC-008

1944 C.F. Martin Herringbone 000-28 (sold)

An important guitar that you never see......a pre-war spec, pre-CITES Martin Brazilian 000-28.  The 000 equivilant of the "bone" D-28, it is a miraculous guitar from all aspects.  The last year for the snowflake fingerboard inlays and the last year for scalloped bracing, this guitar presents itself with all the elements required to make it into the Golden Era of the best Martin guitars on the planet. Solid old growth Brazilian rosewood rims and back with a solid Adirondack spruce top (red spruce), Herringbone bindings, Adirondack scalloped bracing, and ebony board and bridge........all original appointments including the open back Kluson tuners which lack the grommets as a result of war time specs.  The truss rod is of ebony which makes this guitar light as a feather.  Mahogany neck and original faux tortoise brown pickguard.  And, amazingly, crack fee. The guitar is repair free as well. The interior is completely unmolested and still retains all of its rim tapes, flat and completely intact as the day they were put on.  The top has been refreshed as it would be and the rest of the body has it's original nitro finish.  The top has been so sensitively done that one won't know it looking at it with a loop.  Beautiful and compassionate work. 

Soundwise, this guitar is possibly the ideal.  Having the same quality voice and sustain of a big Herringbone pre-war  D-28, the smaller body serves to dampen all that going's on just enough to make this guitar the sweetest and easiest guitar to play that I've put to hand. Gorgeous clarity and crispness with a run on that confounds the ears......just sublime.  Touch it and it lights up, push it and it barks......a truly rare and extremely desirable Golden Era Martin that we never get to see.