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1948 C F Martin 000 21

1948 C.F. Martin 000-21

 CITES A10 Certificate #553823/01

   Golden Era Martin 000-21.  Only in the small window from '47 thru '48 do we find the new bracing to come after the scalloped bracing of the pre-war and war era:  the long taper.  A lot of people don't know about this but it's common knowledge that during these few years Martin instituted this new bracing profile and it's just what it says it is.  A long taper toward the rim of the guitar.  And what a lovely thing it is.  Many players that I have met prefer it to the scalloped as it offers more control than the former without any sacrifice of tone quality.  I agree.  This example is all original and in superb condition.  Brazilian rosewood rims and back with a possible Englemann Spruce top, mahogany neck and brazilian board and bridge.  To my mind, the 21 series is the ultimate hybrid of Martins long line of models.  The combination of a rosewood body with a rosewood board and bridge is sublimely acoustic.  As powerful as the 28 series yet with a woodier tone like the 18 series.  Heaven in wood to my mind.  There is a filled jack hole to the bottom rim most likely from the 50's and a repaired crack.  It plays perfectly having had a neck set years ago, which they all have had, and it's ready to go.  It also comes with a CITES A10 commercial use permit...............try to get one of those today !!!!