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1951 CF Martin 5 18

Product Code: NCC-001

1951 C.F. Martin 5-18

CITES Article 10 Certificate  #553673/01

The Little Tyke !!  I've really grown to love these small Martins. With everyone obsessed with this sound or that, the 5-18 brings to your ears a very different thing altogether.  Sweet, simple yet sophisticated and quite mature, they are very relevant to the pantheon of Martin guitars. 

All solid mahogany rims and back with a sitka spruce top, mahogany neck and brazilian rosewood board and bridge, single tone bar and X-braced, they are mini-dreads.  The sound they produce is more than one would expect and mimic a larger 0 or 00 with a bit less power.  This one is all original and is already wired for the stage.....quite irresistable.


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