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1952 CF Martin D 28 conversion

Product Code: 0363

1952 C.F. Martin D-28/45 Conversion

CITES Article 10 certified

     Once in a while we come across a brilliant conversion to a 40 series from an earlier guitar.  That is what we have here.  A most superb Brazilian Rosewood 1952 D-28, crack free, displayed with the pearl inlays found on the front of an early pre-war D-45. The back and rims remain original with only the front having the Style 45 inlays.  It also has pre-war snowflake fingerboard inlays.  So it's a bit of a hybrid that presents as a pre-war D-45 on the front and a normal 50's D-28 when turned over. Lovely.

  The solid sitka spruce top has exceptionally wide grain which translates to an incredible sound.  It has been bound in hand laid pearl with snowflake style 45 pre-war fingerboard inlays and the inlaid Martin logo to the headstock.  Masterful work that in no way diminishes the appeal of this actuality it becomes a more desirable instrument due to it's scarceness and great quality. The Brazilian Rosewood is exemplary with a deep chocolate patination in excellent condition.  I would venture a guess that this sounds better than the 4 owned by C.S.N.&Y and is in exceptional condition.  Every '52 that I've owned has been a lovely guitar.  Such a liquid voice that is smooth and fat with bags of sustain.  A real treat to play and to see.........and comes with an import receipt from 1977.


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