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1967 C F Martin D 21

Product Code: 0894

1967 C. F. Martin D-21

The" Otis Lee Crenshaw" D-21...........used on stage for a number of years by a man I consider to be the best comedian/perforner in his profession, Rich Hall.  Rich used this guitar in his musical alter-ego skits of Otis Lee Crenshaw with much success.  Only now that he has found himself a much earlier guitar here at Replay does it come to market.  In a great played condition, it is classic from all perspectives.  Mahogany neck in the style of a D-18, it has that great woody sound of the 21 series yet with great clarity and sustain.  This particular example is very lively and crisp with a projection that is startling.  All original excluding the Greven pickguard replacement, it plays and feels great.  Sweet guitar with a beguiling provenance.......



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