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1980 Olson Dreadnought

Product Code: CCP-002

1980 Olson Dreadnought

Olson guitars are almost rare enough to be non-existent and are one of the more sought after brands on the planet.  Ever since James Taylor bought 4 they have been lauded over by many in the industry.  To find the 46th guitar ever built by Jim is a fluke of great note and a priviledge one couldn't anticipate.  This guitar was one of 78 dreadnoughts built that retailed for $895 in 1980 and that Jim got $447.50 each for.  Where they all are now only the wind knows, but I've never seen one of this early group of 78 for sale before, not that I see everything. 

What I can say with a degree of sincerity is that this guitar is incredibly good......amazing actually.  Dave King just did a neck set and refret on it and he feels the same way.  Never have either of us heard an Indian rosewood guitar like this and words are hard to find to describe it as it's unique and exceptional.  All solid Indian rosewood rims and back with a presumably Sitka Spruce top, mahogany laminate neck and herringbone inlaid binding.  Scalloped braced with a rosewood bridgeplate and two tone bars where one usually finds a lollipop brace above the soundhole, it produces a sound that is extremely loud, very articulate and resonant......but most importantly, it is clear and immediate in a way that I haven't come upon before.  You'll have to play it to understand and it's one incredible rarity to find on the market at any time. 

final word:  after all of that jibe, I forgot to say it's a slightly scruffy old dog.  And I've NEVER seen an Olson that was a scruffy old dog.  So if you are like just adds to the whole thing.


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