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1992 Olson Parlor

Product Code: CCP-001

1992 Olson Parlor

Olson guitars are one of the rarest brands on the planet.  Made famous by James Taylor after he bought 4 of them, they continue to captivate and create demand thru their sterling reputation as exceptionally built guitars with a tremendous voice unique to this brand.

This particular parlor guitar is all of that.  Beautifully built with solid exotic rims and back of Ziricote, Adirondack top with a laminate mahogany neck and ebony headstock face with the traditional Olson "O" inlaid in pearl.  The top is inlaid in the "45" manner and is bound with what appears to be cedar.  The back is bound similiarly and has a pearl backstrip.  Ebony board and bridge with a florid inlaid pearl section and importantly......a nitro finish.  The guitar plays beautifully and is awash with harmonics and superb sustain. Crisp and clear with a very even range it is powerful and very expressive.  So unusual to have a Olson that they are actually hard to describe fully, so expect much more than I can express from every aspect of this sonic beauty.


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