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What's this all About

So What's this all About?

I was contacted by a very lovely chap from way up north who has been fiddling with poor, neglected guitars for many years but who also had a hard time finding a place to get them to market once he had done fiddling with them......... getting them up to speed to be played and loved once more.   So it was an easy step for me to say I'd work with him to help these old girls have a fling again in hands of those who appreciate the art, and here we are. It won't be lots but it will be fun and very not serious.  Everything is sold in playable condition with varying condition issues that have been healed in Alan's way......I'm happy with them.......hopefully you will be too.  Great for gigging or hanging out !!  Prices are net which gives me about £100 for my crust......... Oh, and do you know who that is in the picture??  What a gas !!!


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