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1940 C F Martin D 28

Product Code: WNC-002

1940 C.F. Martin D-28 Herringbone

Well, we know how rare these are.  This is probably the most played example that I've owned.  It has some cracks to the top, lots of finish work, new bridge and pickguard and a repaired section of binding at the lower's one of the best sounding examples that I've had. Steel T bar truss rod always  helps add to the bottom end of a guitar, which this has being pre-war.  It has all of the superlatives one would use when describing the sound of a bone......and it's not precious.

I put this in context with the rest of the market, which is how one decides what something is worth when it's less than perfect.  Hendersons bring over 30,000 when they are available and there are many other new luthier products out there that are over 20,000.  If perfect, this guitar would breach 60,000 easily.  So I look at this against new top end brazilian guitars and feel that it's the best value of all in that they all try to emulate the bone D-28. Nothing about this example compromises it's sound which is what they are all about.  It has character, it has sound and it has soul !!!  If you look at Neil Young's, you'll know what I mean.



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