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1968 Zemaitis Standard

1968 Zemaitis Standard

  Here is an early Z with seldomn seen onboard electrics installed by Tony when it was built......according to it's second owner who was the student of the original owner.  Mahogany rims and back with a Stika Spruce top and a mahogany neck.  Typical German silver engraved headstock plates and unusual but not unknown headstock cutouts.  Original tuners and bridge.  Double pickguards and pearl inlaid fingerboard of ebony.  Typically ladder braced with a deep body. 

   Zemaitis made guitar for all the famous guitarists during this period of time......Harrison, Clapton, Hendrix, Page......the list goes on. Unique and quirky, they represent a true "period piece" with a voice that is old school but very relevant. Tony Zemaitis never did consider himself a luthier......simply a guy who built guitars.  His fame is long lived and his guitars still today are very sought after instruments.


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