Guarantee Policy:


Replay Acoustics offers a 48-hour no questions asked return policy on all purchases. The item must be returned in the exact condition that it was sold in and the purchaser will incur the expense of the return post. Replay Acoustics guarantees its guitars as described on the invoice.  Although we sell our guitars as-is, we will endeavor to tell you all we know about the guitar relative to repairs and replacements.

No liability extends beyond the 48-hour return period other than described below.  We bare no responsibility for the guitar once it is taken into possession by the purchaser of record. On the other hand, if we have unintentionally misrepresented a guitar, we will gladly refund the purchase price only, at any time. Any question as to mis-representation issues must be validated by two independent luthiers.

The luthiers that do our work bear no responsibility to the buyer for work done and there is no extension of liability to the relationship that Replay has with the luthiers who do our work.

As bridges, pickguards, tuners, saddles, frets and nuts are the working end of a guitar and tend to suffer the most we will endeavour to inform the purchaser if we think any of these have been replaced or altered, simply as a matter of good faith and honest dealing. We cannot guarantee the originality of these parts, but we will tell the purchaser what we know and what we believe. This information will be an objective opinion and does not infer a guarantee as to the accuracy of this information.