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A Rare Collection of 4 Early Martins

We have the great priviledge of offering for sale this small but very rare collection of early C.F. Martin parlour guitars.  Each instrument is a rarity in and of itself and come from an old collector who was obviously close to the Martin operation, as the 1911 0-42 in this collection is pictured in "Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference" by Richard Johnston and Dick Boak on page 15 as their choice to represent Pearl Bordered Martins.  
     They are all in excellent condition for this era guitar and the 00-28 and the 0-42 are masterpieces of their model and style.  With the advance in string technology, they can all now be strung with ultra-light steel strings, which pull only 98 lb. per set so they are more relevant now than ever.  A magical grouping that needs be seen by any early Martin officionado. 

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