The Guitars

An Important Collection of Gibson Guitars

Replay Acoustics would like to present, in the listed instruments, part of the finest small collection of  pre-war and war period Gibson guitars that it has had the priviledge to have owned. This collection was assembled very diligently over a period of 8 years, thru Replay Acoustics, with only the best that we have owned qualifying for the stable, importantly including the earliest known Southern Jumbo and a 14 fret Nick Lucas.  Condition, while it was always the major consideration, was only one of several considerations for these guitars to be included.  Seeing as how they all sound fabulous, their condition, color and differing build characteristics all came into play and now, this collection is coming back to us......... as it was always eventually meant to make music for the next generation of  early Gibson aficionados.  

In having the great priviledge of having this collection in stock again, I can't fail to mention how things have changed.  As little as 8 years ago, banner Gibsons were somewhat available on the market from time to time and stock in these great guitars was somewhat consistent.  That has all changed.  With the changes in import laws and more importantly, with the dispersion of these guitars world over, which I have had a part in, they will never be as available as they had been.  So this is an opportunity one more time to at least see these instruments together again and at best, to be able to buy them.  The priviledge is not to be found in the price, as that can't be anything other than what it is, as with any rare object.  But the priviledge is now in simply being able to buy a rare, early Gibson in this country that is in the exceptional condition.  I won't see this happen again.


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