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2004 Collings 00042 Adi

Product Code: GKC-02

2004 Collings Custom 000-42 Adi/SB

Sweeet !  I rarely supine over contemporary guitars, but I might with this one.  A superlative creation by the boys at Collings in Austin, Texas......the 000-42 Adirondack topped custom with sunburst finish.  This baby has maybe the most beautifully executed pearl inlays that I've seen on a modern guitar.  Martin 30's quality in form and style and when added to the lovely burst top, figural inlaid board and slot head arrangement with a basket of flowers peghead's pretty hard not to admire.

Sound-wise;  super powerful as these new babies are with a big range and a deep, rich bottom end.....something I didn't expect from this guitar.  It is warmer and must more sublime than I expected and has actually developed a nice sense of harmonics. Good colour in the sound and a nice balance despite the big thumpy bass line. Maybe as good as one can get from a new creation.......but playing it will be a better convincer than I !!


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