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1931 Gibson Argentine Gray L 2

1931 Gibson Argentine Gray L-2.

      The crew at Gibson in the 30's must have been smoking too much weed.  Where did this come from??  Gold metal flake purfling and soundhole binding ???  and a green/gray finish that is translucent and beautiful.  Only made for one year, this model is one of the dizzying array of guitars made by Gibson from this body size, but this one is the rarest of them all.  Light as a feather and all original, it's a musical feast of color and harmonics that will literally blow your mind.  Mahogany body with rosewood board and bridge and an Adirondack top, it's like a cigar box.  I've had two other examples of this model, both being somewhat compromised re: originality and playability but they were still great machines.  Being built as lightly as these are (the X brace almost doesn't exist.), they are almost 100 year old fragile instruments and to find one in this condition is noteworthy.  The only noteworthy thing to mention is that the top has pull behind the bridge as they all do, being as lightly built as they are, but it's been this way for a very long time.  I first saw this guitar when it was with Willi Henkes of Henkes and Blazer.  From there it went to the states into a private collection and then to Mark Stutman at Folkways in Canada.  Both of these gentleman are reknowned Gibson people and add to the background and reputation of this guitar and to where it's been.  It came to me from the collector in this country who brought it in from Mark and it's been beautifully maintained all of this time. Later hard shell case. 


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