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1943 45 Gibson Banner J 45

Product Code: RSP 02

1943-45 Gibson Banner J-45  no FON #

What an immaculate instrument.......crack free war period Banner J-45 with a 4 piece spruce top.  This guitar was here about 8 years ago and has come back to us for it's second go 'round.  And happy are we.  There was a time when we had 5 or 6 Banner Gibsons in the gallery at one time, but no more.  If we have one I'm lucky and if I have 2.....I'm more lucky.  This one is possibly the best sounding banner that I've owned and is in almost unplayed condition.  Beautiful burst finish, original tuners, pickguard and bridge and a one piece backboard......not often seen.  It's had a bridgeplate replacement as the old one failed finally and so that was done as a matter of maintenance and the bridge has a healed crack that is completely stable.  Otherwise, it's almost untouched and makes the most amazing sound, tremendously crisp and powerful .  Work was done by Graham Parker, so you know it's impeccable.  Come have a go !!!