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1943 Gibson Banner LG 2

1943 Gibson Banner LG-2

   The  pics for this listing are the originals that I took way back when I owned this the first time.  Before it went, we neck set it, took the bolts out of the bridge, replaced the tuner buttons and  presto !!!  But what a great example of the LG 2 war period guitar.  It's pretty much untouched other than our efforts to keep it all together back 6 or 7 years ago.  Staggeringly beautiful pick guard and crusty tuner plates.  The burst finish is like a deep hole and overall, this old gal has held up her end and still has loads left in her.  Powerful voice that is quite surprising for an LG-2.......bright and crisp with layers of harmonics and great sustain.  Not your typical banner LG-2 by any means.