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1955 Gibson J 50

1955 Gibson J-50

A truly lovely and very tidy example of Gibson's workhorse J-50 that is an absolute dream to play. Sometimes you get a guitar that is just sublime and this is one.  I've always loved this model for it's clean lines and crisp, clear voice.  This example is superb from every perspective and has probably the best pickguard that I've seen on a Gibson.  All original and recently neck set, it is ready for the road.  Soncially, it's every bit a J-50.  These guitars have a very immediate attack, no wilting violet here......with great clarity in the note separation and a lively, powerful sound with lots of harmonics and a woody sustain.  Classic in every way.  2nd time thru this gallery.  Many luminaries in the acoustic guitar world used the J-50, among them James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Phil Oakes, etc.