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1957 Gibson LG 234

1957 Gibson LG2 3/4's

Little Tyke !!  Maybe one of the most charming of all the Gibson production models.  Supposedly designed for Arlo Guthrie by Woody........who knows and Arlo has never to my knowledge confirmed this, but they are cracking little instruments.  Mahogany rims and back with a sitka spruce top, mahogany neck and that lovely painted plank on front.  All original in every way and in great condition.  Lots of craqueleur on the back but only on the back.  The rest has a lovely patination that verges on a tobacco burst.  Full scale length and 14 fret.  Go figure.  It also has a really strong voice with full range balance and a clarity that would make for some pretty rediculous recording tracks.  Original soft shell case as well.


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