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1996 Guild JF-55NT

1996 Guild JF-55 NT

I've always loved Guild guitars and a mahogany topped late 60's model was my first good guitar.  This is a model that I've owned personally for a long time and always miss having one to hand.  They are of the build quality of a Martin and give off a sound that is all Guild and all quality.  This model has all the upgrades one finds on Guilds.  The G logo headstock in pearl with bound edges, inlaid fretboard with double bound edges, pearl soundhole inlays and multiple bindings at the edges.  Superbly grained Indian rosewood rims and back with a Sitka Spruce top, ebony board and bridge.  Just superbly designed and constructed.  And..............this jumbo model outperforms most of the J-200 examples from Gibson.  I have also found after many years of playing Guilds that their fingerboards are ever so forgiving and tactile.  One never misses a  note placement for some odd reason.....they are imminently comfortable in their radius and their structure.  Such great value in such a great guitar.  I wish I could find and sell hundreds of them as they are that quality.