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1926 C F Martin 0 28

Product Code: GJC-01

1926 C. F. Martrin 0-28 

     A very special and rare early Martin brazilian rosewood "O" sized gem.  In all original condition with a superb patination and beautifully grained tonewoods.  Ultra responsive with all the attribues that we come to expect from these very rare and early Martins.  Sustain, harmonics, color, response.......all the buzz words apply.  This is a period at Martin where guitars were sent out with steel or nylon strings without regard to the bracing in them, which carried on from about 1922 until Martin officially went to a "steel string" designation for each guitar.  So one has to determine what each guitar can handle and I've found comprehensively that these early pre-1926 Martins can all handle extra light steel strings, which is what is on this guitar.  Martin itself authorized to me personally that this was actually better and had less pull than a set of nylon, and it makes all of these older Martins very relevant for musicians today.  It has a brilliant and fat voice that is sonorous and powerful......a fingerpickers dream.  They just don't come along any more like they used to.  and the priviledge is simply that it's here now and for sale.  Amazing. 


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