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1926 C F Martin 00 18

Product Code: MJC-002

1926 C F Martin 000-18

From the collection of Robert Corwin, this immaculate '26 00-18 is in factory fresh condition and has a sound that speaks to the angels. And it's the first year where Marttin was advertising that they were bracing their guitars for steel strings......magical.   Mahogany rims and back with a Adirondack Spruce top and mahogany neck mounted with ebony board and bridge, it is the cleanest example that I've ever seen.  Light and tactile with a rich, long resonance and an imminently playable 12 fret neck.  Crack free and no restoration.  I mean, where does one find such things these days other than here.  It's been in a great collection in this country for many years and is only now back on the market.  If you love the mature, articulate early Martin sound and the sweet, woody resonance of ancient mahogany, this is your baby.