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1927 C F Martin T 17 Tiple

1927 C.F. Martin T-17 Tiple

350 built in 1927 out of a total production run of 1355 and going out of production in 1949, and amazingly we have our hands on one and it's a dream machine.  Tuned with a variety of harmonics, it's a bit like a miniature 12 string but it only has 10.....and, the sound is much more complex than a dread 12.  Beautiful layering of string tuning gives you a sound only a tiple can make and with an all mahogany body, it's a crisp and clear with lots of push while being really resonant.  It's hard to fathom the amount of sound coming from this little tyke and then the complexity of layered harmonics is a bit mind blowing.  Anyway, you who know what these are know more about them than I do so why go on !!!!   Great thing. 


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