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1927 CF Martin 000 18

Product Code: BMC-001

1927 C.F. Martin 000-18

An extremely rare 000-18 12 fret Martin that is the first year of steel string bracing.  It's had a life but continues to create beautiful music.  Strictly a fingerpickers guitar, it is mature, articulate and very resonant.  At this time, Martin made their guitars on the very edge of viability so it weighs almost nothing.  Scalloped bracing and the top are wafer thin which lends to a sound that one is compelled to pay attention to.  That's the great beauty of these early Martins.....they command your attention.  it's extremely resonant and  harmonic with a sublime mature voice that would record with exceptional grace and beauty.  it's purely a players guitar, but gosh, what incredible music it creates.

This old gal has been used a lot and shows evidence of it.  It's had some finish work done to it and there were rim cracks that have been healed, but is otherwise in lovely played spec condition.  Normally, in excellent condition, this model will be more than £10,000.......this one isn't which is the perfect players example of a rare golden era Martin.  A great opportunity for a recording artist or active musician.


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