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1931 C F Martin 000-18

1931 C.F. Martin 000-18  the Simpson Guitar

I never thought I'd see this here again.  A mint 1931 C.F. Martin slothead 12 fret 000-18 with a 25.4" long scale, forward shifted and fully scalloped bracing and previously owned and recorded with by Martin Simpson. In actuality, it's a 12 fret OM.  This guitar came from us about 7 years ago out of a private house up north.  It was hardly ever played and retains it's original Geib style hard shell case which is also in as new condition.  This guitar was one of 240 made between 1930 and 1931, after the introduction of the long scale OM-18 in 1930.  It was stamped on Sept.3, 1931 but the batch (shop order 1088, serial numbers 48193-48217) didn't clear inspection until April 5, 1932.  Turns out this was one of (12) 000-18 guitars ordered by Boosey and Hawkes of London on August 20,1932.  This is serial number 48193, first of the batch.  Amazing.

It can be heard on many of Martin's recordings and is talked about in several interviews about his instruments.  It is so hard to say this just once when you deal in the finest guitars on the planet, but this may be the finest mahogany 12 fret guitar I've ever heard.  When Martin found this at our gallery, his roadie Terry and I sat for almost 4 hours as Martin disappeared into this guitar, going places he said he had never been. He ended exhausted.  Too overwhelmned to make a decision, he left saying he needed a day or so and then would be back after a local concert..  When he did he hit the front door, went into the gallery and put it in his lap.  Within 2 minutes it was his and he never looked back.  Since then it's been one of his most productive instruments in the hands of one of the worlds finest acoustic guitarists.  

The guitar itself is all original excluding a brilliant bridge done by Dave King. We have the original that was reduced in height during it's history and was dysfunctional.  Otherwise it's without cracks or alterations.  It's a complete time capsule, but as always, most importantly it makes magic.  It's historic pedegree along with the music it's made is legendary and that's all need be said.  It can be yours.. Photos to come as its snowing out right now !!!   thanks.