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1934 C Martin C2 T

1934 C.F. Martin C2-T

Amazing.  Almot noone out there will have seen this model before.  15 was the entire production run and this is the last of the lot and one of only a few of the 15 with a round sound hole as others had the F cutouts.  So that's amazing.  But it gets better.  All original.  Original case.'s made of Brazilian Rosewood rims and back with a gorgeous burst finish..... has Martin's pearl vertical inlaid logo in the headstock !!!!  and snowflakes in the fingerboard (that is ebony along with the bridge. ) Original Martin inscribed trapezoid tail piece and .....crack free.  If you play either went to heaven just now or are catching your breath.  Maybe both.  What an amazingly beautiful instrument and what a great thing to hold and ponder.  Then you play it and you realize you probably have the best vintage tenor ever made.  I don't know what more to say.