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1934 CF Martin 000 18

Product Code: RHC-002

 A 1934 Martin long scale 000-18 (sold)

LIke finding chicken lips..  Hatched out of Martins change of nomenclature in 1934 from the OM-18 back to 000-18.  In the beginning of '34 with this change, Martin used up their long scale  (25.4") necks that were intended for the OM-18, thus creating a very rare, long scale 000-18, but for only a moment.  We don't know how many of these were actually made but it's assumed to be somewhere in the region of 3-400. 
     This example is structurally perfect and looks as fresh as a daisy inside and out.  It appears to have had a refinish at some point in the distant past and we can only assume that the shade top was added at that time. Sink in the finish is apparent with mild craqueleur to the top.  The Adirondack top is typically very light and tightly grained.  The bridge is a very accurate replacement as the old one had been shaved down to no longer be efficient and the tuners are period replacements.  Solid mahogany rims and back with an Adirondack top and mahogany neck. Ebony board and bridge, the magical element in these old mahogany Martins. Being a transitional year for stamping the back of the headstock, this one doesn't have that stamp.  A repaired crack to the back.
     From a musical prespective, these long scale 000's are huge, with a clear, crisp and quick response and with bags of harmonics.  They can't be played alongside a 24.9" scale 000..............or almost any other mahogany bodied guitar.  They are the Holy Grail of the mahogany world from the 6_ _ _ _ serial number Golden Era Martins..