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1935 C F Martin 0 17

1935 C.F. Martin 0-17

These are miraculous machines and I describe another that I've owned in the articles published on the website.  Second year of the 14 fret 0-17 and they are built as well as any insturment that Martin built this time regardless of model.  Fully scalloped bracing with the lightest dimensions.  2 tone bar with a solid mahogany body, brazilian rosewood  board and bridge and all original in every respect excluding the saddle.  But the really important thing about these 6_ _ _ _ _ serial number Martins is their sound.  It's as mature and articulate as an instrument gets when this old and haunts me with its harmonics and intricate subtleties. These guitars teach you how to listen.  It was the second least expensive guitar Martin made but they left out nothing but the bindings with this model.  Gloss finish and a full set of board dots.  But to play it is to enlighten your musical world.