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1935 CF Martin 0 17

Product Code: 0924

1935 C.F. Martin 0-17  (sold)

Depression era masterpiece:  1935 Martin 0-17.  Featured in the May issue of ACOUSTIC magazine, this all original pre-war sweetheart is one exceptional guitar. Althought the mahogany topped Martins were always the least expensive in their model line, they were nonetheless built with every bit of care and quality that the spruce topped models received.  This little tyke is all mahogany excluding the ebony board and bridge, which makes all the world of difference in these guitars.  Fully scalloped bracing with two scalloped tone bars, forward shifted, small maple bridgeplate and small rectangular bridge all combine to create a guitar that has every element used today to try to recreate this era.  These are very big little guitars and deserve all the attention they can get.  Sound-wise, they are crisp and responsive with a great attenuation and superb resonance.  Very punchy but with enough of the wood to make them beguiling and subtle when needed.  They are every thing we expect in a pre-war Martin...........just go ask Jackson Browne or Richard Hawley what they think of theirs !!