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1937 C F Martin 000 18

Product Code: 0267

1937 C.F. Martin 000-18  

The "Holy Grail"of Martins pre-war mahogany guitar production......the scalloped braced 000-18.  All original and in exceptional condition, this great 000-18 is the finest example of this short scale model that I have owned and it's the 3rd time thru the gallery.  Adirondack top and the pre-war ebony fingerboard and bridge combination compliment the forward shifted scalloped bracing and thin soundboard to create an amazing machine.  Only the 3rd year after the re-introduction of the 000-18 model in 1934, this example has the change to 24.5" scale but retained the forward shifting.  Crack free Adirondack top with solid mahogany rims and back, this guitar has only a few very minor hairlines to the rim and back......none worth mentioning considering its age and overall original condition. There is also a repaired crack to the original bridge that we have healed and that is stable.

Third time we have owned this guitar and glad to see it back, it has a richness of sound only found in these early, pre-war models.  Not unlike our now sold Bone D-28, this 000 has beguiling backtones with an articulation and sweetness you won't have heard before unless you have played one of these or one of our long scale (OM) '34  000-18's.  Crisp and responsive with a great clarity and beautiful decay and  projection.  It doesn't get better and you won't find another one that is better than this example.  A very fine and rare pre-war Martin 000-18.