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1937 CF Martin 00 18

1937 C.F. Martin 00-18

So rarely do we find this model and era and then to find it all original is a windfall.  Second time that we've owned this instrument and I could not have been more pleased to see it back in the gallery.  All 30's Martins have become so sought after that they are the most scarce era of Martins on the planet and that won't change.  This instrument is all that it should be and more.  The voice is fat and full with great presence and articulation.  It's harmonics are legendary and only in this era does the 00 compete with the 000, their differences being so minimal and their age and quality acting as complete levelers after all of these years.  An old dealer back home told me once that when you get back pre-war with Martins, the differences between them (referring to rosewood bodies and mahogany bodies) converge and diminish so that it's hard to know what one is actually listening to.  I've found that to be true.  There is nothing more to say about this era of Martins.  They speak for themselves.