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1938 C F Martiin F 7

1938 C.F. Martin F-7 Archtop

    What a beautiful machine this is.  Martin put their all into these top level archtops of the '30s.  Exceptional brazilian rosewood stock was used with gorgeous color and straight grain, tops of Adirondack spruce hand carved and inlays that we would give our left arm for today from fingerboard to headstock to's a thing to behold.  Musically, they are very responsive with that classic box sound, but these top shelf models have a great amount of complexity to their classic jazz voice and are very relevant to a lto of music types today.  I love playing them as they are always comfortable in hand and make  a very particular vibe, not unlike the influences we se in steel guitars..........just different.  Lovely creation of Martin from the 1930's.


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