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1942 Martin D 18

1942 C.F. Martin D-18

Lester Flatt of Flatt and Scruggs and Elvis both used a 1942 D-18 and to play it is to understand why.  This is really the first year for the "war era" Martins from an American perspective, which means ebony rods in the neck although we still have grommets for the tuner pegs.  Fully scalloped bracing rearward shifted and an Adirondack or Red Spruce top.  They are simple machines but make the most beguiling music these days.  Warm and thumpy with great presence, endless sustain and bags of harmonics.  At this period rearward, brazilian and mahogany as tone woods begin to lose their unique characteristics and become more like each other than not.  326 made this year, less than one a day.  The greatest instruments ever built and this is one of them. Simply beautiful. 


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