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1943 CF Martin D 28

Product Code: MCC-001

1943 C.F. Martin D-28 Bone (sold)

     It's 1932, America has just stepped into WW2 and Martin is making the finest guitars in it's history.  "The Bone"......a near mythical guitar that most can only dream of and talk imaginatively about simply because they are like chicken lips.....almost non-existent.  And why are these 1100-ish guitars made between 1935 and 1945 so revered by all those who are aware of them?  Because they are literally the best guitars on the planet !!  With the finest solid Brazilian Rosewood rims and back and a solid Adirondack Red Spruce top, they were fully scallop braced which allowed that great Adi top to vibrate like no other.  Plug in ebony fingerboards and bridges, herringbone purfling, zipper back strip and open back nickel tuners and you have the makings of a guitar that is as good as a person can produce.  Keeping mind that this is the exact time frame that Gibson was making their Banner J-45's and SJ's.

     In 1946, Martin ended the herringbone binding because they couldn't get it from what was left of Germany any more and they also changed the bracing to accomodate the heavier strings that were being used at that time.  This considerably changed the voice of the D-28 and ended the "Bone" era until 1976 when it was re-introduced as the HD-28. 
     This guitar is the finest sounding guitar that I have ever played and is in outstanding condition in and of itself as well as when being compared to other surviving examples of the model.  Completely intact and unmolested inside, it looks as clean as the day it was made.  The guitar has only two very small cracks unworthy of mentioning: one 2-3 inch very tight crack in the bottom rim and the typical but very tight "B" string crack under the upper edge of the original pickguard.  The neck has been refinished very professionally (surely with Lon at the vintage restoration shop at Martin)  and the body has all of it's original finish.  Color is superb.  It bears very little evidence of playwear and has been clearly very well taken care of over the course of it's life.  To play it is the greatest priviledge one can get.....other than to own it.  That's a 1 in 1100 chance to "Go to Guitar Heaven !!!" 
    Provenance:  Lon Werner, former head of C.F. Martin's vintage restoration shop, as his own guitar.  And this man had choices abound !!!